Amazing Things to Do In Los Gatos

Amazing Things to Do In Los Gatos

Amazing Things to Do In Los Gatos

Los Gatos is one of the towns that you should make a point of visiting when you are in Santa Clara County. There are so many attractions and amazing things to do, and we will look at a number of them.

Rosicrucian Park

This is the headquarters of an order that is devoted to hidden truths and mysteries. However, it is a park that is so beautiful and a spectacle to behold. This is attributed to the love of ancient Egypt. This was formerly known as AMORC, which is the short form of Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. This is said to be the place where the study of elusive mysteries, of the universe is carried out. In the park there a number of structures, including a temple, planetarium as well as a research library. There are elaborate gardens in this park and it will be a good place to visit.

The Submarine House, Los Gatos

This is a subterranean house that is made of grain silo and is in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This was built by Harry Neal, who dismantled the steel structure with the help of a friend and brought it from San Jose.  This happened in 1973 and Neal converted this to be his home, with circular rooms. The house looks like a submarine and he did great to improve the original layout, with the help of Bill Logan, the Palo Alto architect. While Neal has fenced the home to keep visitors out, you can see it from Mountain Charlie Road. It has actually been nicknamed by passersby, “submarine.”

Santana Row Chess Plaza

Are you a chess lover? Then, the giant chess at Santana Row Chess Plaza will be of great interest to you. This is where you will come face to face with a giant chess board game that is a form of interactive public art. Can you imagine playing chess with portable pieces? This is an exciting experience, even for those who do not know how to play the game of chess. There are so many kids that enjoy the game, while most adults are mesmerized and will be seen taking pictures with the giant chess pieces.

While Los Gatos may be a small town, in terms of the size, it is so big, in terms of what it has to offer. There are so many other things that you will get to enjoy in this town.


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