Doing Business in Sunnyvale

Doing Business in Sunnyvale
Doing Business in Sunnyvale 2018-06-13T12:27:55+00:00

There are a number of people who visit Sunnyvale and find it to be an amazing business hub. This has forced people to start trading in this city and if you have contemplated doing any form of business in Sunnyvale, this guide will be useful. You will need a license to be able to engage in any type of business in the city. You can apply for the business license from the Sunnyvale City Hall Annex located at 650 W Olive Avenue. If you intend to run your business from home, then you should go to the One Stop Permit Center, at 456 W. This is where you will get all the assistance to start your business.

Business Structure

You will need to create a legal structure for your business and this will be done from the office of the attorney in Sunnyvale. Part of the requirements is to have a federal Employee Identification Number, which is provided by the IRS. You must have a business name that will help you trade and the necessary requirement is to have it registered with the relevant authorities. This applies to both online and offline businesses. The Santa Clara County Clerk’s office will be responsible for registering the business name, before the license can be issued.

Paying Business Taxes

There is a requirement for all businesses to pay their taxes. This is remitted to the local, state and federal authorities. You should contact an IRS representative to be able to get more information about the specific taxes that are required. This is a sure way of guaranteeing that you are running your business without any hitches.

Special Permits

There are some special permits that must be obtained for certain types of businesses. For instance, if you are interested in the retail and wholesale business, you need to get a sales permit from Board of Equalization. Before applying for this permit, you need to ensure that you have the EIN number as well as other official documentations for the business. As for the food vendors, there are strict health code requirements. If you intend to do online food sales or run a restaurant, it would be advisable to contact the Environmental Health Department so as to learn of the health laws that apply to your business.

With this basic understanding, you should be able to run any type of business in Sunnyvale, without a problem.