Essence of the Battle of Saratoga

Essence of the Battle of Saratoga
Essence of the Battle of Saratoga 2018-06-17T12:34:27+00:00

If you happen to visit the city of Saratoga, one thing that is common is the Battle of Saratoga. This is essential in the history of this city as it was during this time that the Americans secured and alliance with the French, during the American Revolution. This was aimed at outlasting the British powers. The Battles of Saratoga took place in 1777 and were 18 days apart. The first battle was on September 19th, where the General John Burgoyne, led the British army to win over the American forces.

In the first battle, the American troops were under the leadership of Benedict Arnold and Horatio Gates. Inasmuch as the British troops had become weak, General Burgoyne attacked the Americans on October 7th, which marked the second battle. This took place at the Bemis Heights and the Britons were defeated and had to retreat. 10 days later, the General surrender and this was the turning point for America as they got to convenience the French to form an alliance.

Quick Facts about the Battle of Saratoga

Did you know that Saratoga is the shorthand word for these two battles? As a way of celebrating the victory at Saratoga, there was a proclamation issued by the Continental Congress for a national day, “for solemn Thanksgiving and praise.” This was the first official holiday to be observed with the name.

In the second battle of Saratoga, the American army fought and won in a convincing manner. The Britons had 500 casualties as opposed to the 200 casualties the Americans suffered in the first battle. When General Burgoyne realized that he was surrounded, the surrendered his whole army of 5,800 soldiers. However, he has his conditions, before surrendering and they were known as the Convention of Saratoga. Eventually, the defeated army was known as the convention army and Burgoyne was blamed widely for the defeat.

Shockingly, Benedict Arnold, who was one of the American commanders in the Battle of Saratoga, become a British spy. He was bitter as a result of his efforts not being recognized and there were also some corruption charges. This is what motivated him to make secret agreements with the British, where he was to hand over his command at West Point. When this was exposed, he made an official switch to the British side.

This is one of the interesting pieces of history that you should learn about the city of Saratoga.