Family Attractions in Sunnyvale

Family Attractions in Sunnyvale
Family Attractions in Sunnyvale 2018-06-13T13:00:48+00:00

Lake Tahoe must be one of the most popular attractions for families that visit Sunnyvale, California. However, there are so many attractions that you cannot ignore and should be on your list of the things to do in this city. Sunnyvale is known to have been a great agricultural hub and there are traces of this origin, even in the present day. There are so many family businesses in the city like the Apricot farm and Olson’s cherry.

As such, you should make sure that besides that outdoor spaces and amazing parks in Sunnyvale, you have to time to interact with the agricultural culture. Here are some of the attractions that should be part of your itinerary.

Sunnyvale Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is open on Saturday from 9am to 1pm and you need to make your way there. This is where you will find vendors that sell a wide range of products that are grown locally. Do not be surprised to find some local produce that you may not recognize. Some of the common produce includes pomelo, sugarcane stalks, Asian pears and pineapple guavas among others. The reason why this should be part of your plan, is that most vendors will be able to give you free samples and you will enjoy live music, while shopping.

Las Palmas Park

For some exciting outdoor experience, make your way to the Las Palmas Park, which is one of the best attractions for families in Sunnyvale. The park has so much to offer like baseball and basketball fields. There are also play areas that are designated for children of different age groups. There are picnic spots and areas where you can have a family barbecue. If you are travelling with a pet, the dog park will be a great place to allow your dog to roam.

Sunken Gardens Golf Course and Driving Range

Sunken Gardens Golf Course is another great place to be with the family. There is a 9 hole course that is executive, in nature. If you are beginner in golfing, do not worry as the golf course has a practice areas that can improve your swing. You can also choose to go for a driving range with your family.

Over and above, Sunnyvale will not disappoint as a holiday destination for you and your family. You will always find something interesting in, almost every part of the city.