Los Gatos Food Fest

Los Gatos Food Fest

Los Gatos Food Fest

Los Gatos Food Fest is one of the amazing events that you will enjoy when you in this town. This has become a tradition and allows the participants to sample out different types of food, wine and beer, while enjoying great live music. The La Hacienda restaurant and hotel will be one of the spots when you can enjoy this, as it happens every Friday, from May.

To make the event livelier, the music is played by different by different bands and there so many food trucks that will rotate in their lineup so as to allow the revelers to sample out as many delicacies as possible. Most of the service providers from the Bay Area will line up for this amazing event. Some of the common trucks that you will find in this spot include Oaxcacan Kitchen Mobile, Waffle Roost and Sam’s Chowder Mobile among others. Erica Sunshine Lee is one of the country musicians that have performed here.

At the La Hacienda Los Gatos, the manager has been running the event and he says that this is one of the ways of bringing people together to enjoy so much that the event offers. This is dubbed as one of the family events that you can take part in. It has become such a popular tradition that most locals and visitors make a point of attending the Los Gatos Food Fest. This is one of the events that has a huge following with about 700 people showing up every Friday, for the entire summer season.

If you have children, this is a place that you can bring them along and there will be so much that they can enjoy. This explains why you will find so many moms who are dancing to the tunes with their kids. The Food Fest offers a great opportunity for families to spend some quality time together, with lots of music, food and drinks.

This has also become a great business opportunity for those who are in the food industry. You will find long queues in front of the food trucks and you can make some good profit margins. This event happens every Friday night from May to the end of September and has contributed to the rich culture of the Los Gatos town. If you are in the town, during the season, take advantage and seize the moment.


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