Recycling Electronics in Los Altos Hills

Recycling Electronics in Los Altos Hills

Recycling Electronics in Los Altos Hills

Los Altos Hills is one of the towns in Santa Clara, and it is strictly a residential area. This is one town that you will find a post office or even a library as there are no commercial zones. The residents in this town are keen on the environment and this is what makes recycling of electronics a big deal. Electronics play an integral role in our day to day lives and there are times when you have to dispose some of the items. When the devices and other electronics become obsolete, it is only logical to find a recycling option.

Dealing with e-Waste

Recycling in Los Altos Hills is one of the key areas of focus. This is a great way to deal with electronics that are no longer in use. According to the data released by the United Nations, out of the 41.8 million tons of electronic that were disposed in 2014, only less than 40% were disposed in an eco-friendly manner. Los Altos Hills is surrounded by a number of tech companies who can find ways to use some of the parts and components found in electronics. In 2015, Apple is said to have collected over 2,200 pounds of gold, through the recycling process, which was valued at $40 million.

Why Los Altos Hills is Keen on e-Waste Recycling

The internet has become rampant and most transactions are carried out through different sites. This has necessitated the need to have a number of devices. However, when the devices need to be disposed, the critical bit is how to do this, without affecting the environment and also protecting your data. There are a number of states that have already passed laws that mandate organizations to recycle electronics. The fact that Los Altos Hills does not condone any commercial activities, recycling of electronics is paramount to keep the community safe and habitable.

Since the tech companies are a stone throw away, there many gadgets and devices that end up in this town. Without the proper measures to dispose the devices, after they exhausted their useful life, can be disastrous. There are several firms that have taken up the issue of collecting and recycling electronics in Los Altos Hills. With this system, the town remains to be a safe place for everyone to live. The environment is clean and everything plays out to make this to be a perfect residential place.


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