San Jose State University Facts

San Jose State University Facts
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San Jose State University is one of the most popular public universities in the state of California. It is a comprehensive university and is commonly referred to as SJSU or San Jose State. While you might not know it, this is university makes history as the oldest public university on the West Coast and is also the founding university of California State University system. In most cases, the firms and companies in the Silicon Valley hire the graduates from SJSU than from any other institution, which is a big advantage.

Being Admitted at San Jose State

The cumulative grade point average as well as the standardized test scores are the integral factors considered before admission. The eligibility index is based on a combination of the high school GPA in the last 3 years, as well as the ACT or SAT score. By the end of the fall of 2017, San Jose State University has a total enrollment of 33,409, with almost 5,700 credential and gradual students. This is the highest enrollment of any campus that in the California State University System. The population of the students is one of the most diverse as there are different ethnicities.

Programs Offered

There are 145 bachelor’s and master’s degrees offered at the SJSU, with 108 concentrations and 5 credential programs, with 19 concentrations.  There are also 2 joint doctoral degree programs as well as an independent doctoral program, as of the end of 2017. The university is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The joint doctoral programs are Doctor of Nursing Practice that is administered in collaboration with California State University, Fresno and a PhD in library and information through the Queensland University of Technology.

Campus and Sports

The San Jose State University competes in the NCAA Division and the sports teams are known as the Spartans.  The main campus has 55 buildings, which are on the rectangular area, which is 62.3 ha. On the northern side of the campus is the San Fernando Street, San Salvador on the south and the South 4th Street and South 10th Street to the west and east, of the campus, respectively. Most of the athletic facilities are situated on the south campus, which is about 1.5 miles, south of the main campus. SJSU, is an all-round university that accommodates all manner of people, without any discrimination and strives to offer the best and holistic learning.