Saratoga Monument

Saratoga Monument
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When you visit the city of Saratoga, one of the key attractions is the Saratoga Monument. This monument is 155 feet tall and was mane in commemoration of Burgoyne’s surrender to Gates. This obelisk was completed in 1883 and is a great tourist attraction. The stone pillar stands at the camp where Burgoyne’s men were entrenched, in the last days of the campaigns. When you go to the monument, you can climb the stairs to the top and this will give you a 360 degree view of the Hudson River Valley.

Making the Saratoga Monument

When the American troops defeated General Burgoyne in the second battle of Saratoga, on 17th October 1777, this was a landmark win. There was a niche that was formed in the temple of Liberty and there was an agreement that there will be a monument put in place, this was by the Saratoga Monument Association, which met in 1856.  However, this group was deterred by the disaster of the Civil War, but rearranged themselves in 1872 and embarked on the course of commemorating the surrender of John Burgoyne.

Jared C. Markham was picked as the architect, with the building task being given to the Booth Brothers of New York City. Attempts to raise money was rather difficult, with the public raising only $2,300. The Federal government gave $95,000 to build the monument. The cornerstone was laid on October 17th 1877, which was 100th anniversary. The statue was transferred to the National Park Service

Features of the Monument

The Saratoga Monument is mainly a rock-faced granite pillar, which is about 155 feet tall. It mainly has Egyptian and Gothic styled elements and is located in the Village of Victory. This monument overlooks the Hudson Valley and has so much that tourists can behold. There are 5 levels and a viewing platform at the top, which are connected by 188 steps. On the walls of the first 2 levels, there are 16 bronze bas relief plaques, which are meant to depict the scenes of the American Revolution. There are other decorative items that are used like terracotta cornices, stained glass, ornamental ceramic and brass moldings among others.

The cornerstone of the Saratoga Monument has the U.S flag, 21 newspapers, a 1777 coin with the image of King George III, Bennington Battle Monument documents and an 1877 U.S silver half dollar among other artifacts.

You should make a point of visiting the Saratoga Monument anytime that you are in the city of Saratoga.