The Alternative Education in San Jose

The Alternative Education in San Jose
The Alternative Education in San Jose 2018-06-06T12:13:53+00:00

Education is said to be the key to success and as such, it is important to pursue it. However, the conventional education system, on its own, seems not to meet the needs of the students. This is what forced the San Jose School District to find a better solution, through the alternative school program. Through this system the students are allowed to go through the schooling activities, but this is inclined towards the needs of the students. As such, you will find students that participate in a number of programs.

Traditional Education System

In the past, there were students who did not fit in the traditional system and as such, they would end up not graduating. The alternative program is a great remedy as the students can be included in the list of grandaunts, by participating in extracurricular activities and playing sports. They will need the basics of the traditional education and at the end of it all, they will be treated as equal grandaunts. The new system seems to be working, perfectly and has helped many students run and be in the graduation ceremony.
This can be replicated by the rest of the country and at the end of it all, the students will feel that the education meets their needs. The classes are smaller in such programs as the focus is shifted to the individual needs of a student. The uniqueness of the program is that besides having teachers, there are also onsite counselors. The target students are those who at a risk of not graduating.

Objective of the Program

The main objective of the program is to help the risk students to attain the required credentials that will allow them to graduate. The student are enrolled in intensive classes that run half day and the rest of the day they are in classes at a vocational training facility or a community college. The selection criteria for such students is based on the information from their high school.
This is a great initiative and has attracted a good number of students, who now feel they are part of the school population. It has become so effective that the dropout rate has drastically decreased. Through this program, the students can keep attending the functions of their high school and remain to be part of the population to relieve the stress. Reducing such pressures and stress may be an ideal way to keep students in school.