Uniqueness of Los Altos Hills

Uniqueness of Los Altos Hills

Uniqueness of Los Altos Hills

Los Altos Hills is a small town that is surrounded by a group of rolling hills. This is a residential community in Santa Clara County and has a number of great cities that are in close proximity. You can easily commute to Silicon Valley, which is a big advantage. The expansive estates and the privacy that the town offers, is one of the key reasons why most people love to live here. The town gives you a great view of San Francisco Bay and you can be able to access the sprawling preserves like Westwind Barn and Rancho San Antonio.

Property Value

As mentioned, this is strictly a residential area and as such, the property market, mainly, deals with homes. Los Altos Hills is bordered by Page Mill Road on the north, Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve to the South, Moody Road to the west and Foothill Expressway to the east.All the homes in Los Altos Hills are single family, with the median home going for about $6 million. When looking for property, you will notice that they are set on extensive lots from 1 to 10 acres. The homes that are near the Village of Los Altos are pricier than in other parts of the town.

What Makes Los Altos Hills Unique?

The unique bit of Los Altos Hills is that it gives you the country feel, as there are not street lamps and sidewalks. Instead, you will find running trails and places to ride horses. There are panoramic views and there is the advantage of being able to compute to Apple and Google campuses in a short while. Since it is a small town, there is a sense of a well-knit community, but there is so much privacy due to the size of the lots.

This is one of the towns where you will not find commercial amenities, apartments or townhomes. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy some luxury amenities. There are nice restaurants like the Urfa Bistro and Sumika. You can interact with other people who live in this town. The town has an easy access to most cities in Santa Clara and there are many prominent people who have settled in this town.

If you have lost touch with the rural feel, Los Altos Hills is the best place to give you this reconnection, yet it is so close to the giant tech companies. This is what makes it a unique place to live.



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