What Makes Santa Clara Great

What Makes Santa Clara Great
What Makes Santa Clara Great 2018-06-07T03:00:16+00:00

Time and again, you will have a group of people visiting Santa Clara. If you have not been to this city, you may be wondering, what makes it such a great tourist attraction? Well, there so many things that you can do for interaction, fun and even educational. Santa Clara is a combination of modern and historic attractions and this is an all-round place.

Whether you want to travel to Santa Clara for business or pleasure, this is a city that offers you so much. You can ride the roller coasters, go to unique shows and even float on the river. Here is are some of the main attractions in Santa Clara:

49ers Museum

Levi Stadium is home to the 49ers and has a 20,000 square foot museum and has 11 unique galleries and exhibition spaces. There is a team store on the ground floor of the stadium and is open every day, apart from event days and holidays. The Trending Gallery is a great place to start your tour and then you can also take some time to visit check out the Super Bowl Championship Memories of the 49ers.

Agnews Historic Cemetery and Museum

Agnews Development Center was home for people with physical and mental disabilities for 120 years. The artifacts are displayed at this museum. The tours are free and you do not have to pay anything for them. However, it is worth noting that it only opens on Fridays from 10am to 2pm. This is a great place to learn a thing or two about the people with such disabilities.

California’s Great America

A good number of people are happy with the visit to the park. This is a theme park and the only one in California that has a complete water park, which is free with admission. Most of the rides in this park are designed for kids and there are so many things that visitors will find appealing in this park. Planet Snoopy gives you a chance to visit with Charlie Brown, Snoopy as well as other Peanuts characters. The California’s Great America is open from March to December.

Santa Clara is a great place for the whole family to enjoy and has so much history to offer. The Levi’s Stadium, is by far, one of the most visited sites as it has many events to offer as well as tours. Now you understand why a good number of people end up coming to Santa Clara, every year.