What to Do in San Jose

What to Do in San Jose
What to Do in San Jose 2018-06-06T10:26:26+00:00

Rated the 3rd largest city in the State of California and 10th in United States, San Jose is a great city, with so much to offer to both the residents as well as tourists. This is a city that has a great history and you will have a great time here. Did you know that it was the first city that was incorporated in California? After that it was made to be the state capital of California.

Something interesting is about the name, with many wondering if it should be spelled with the diacritical mark, as San José or without. The City Charter settled on the name without the diacritical mark and this has remained to be the common spelling. However, in 1979, the City Council adopted the name San José, with the diacritical mark as the official on, and as such, you will notice it common on all official departments and documents.

Main Attractions in San Jose

There are quite a number of attractions that you will come across in this city and countless things to do. Some of the places that you should visit include the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. You could make some time to visit the San Pedro Square Market in downtown and this is where you will come across the different food items from the local farms. The Santana Row in West San Jose offers a different type of shopping. This is where you will find upscale and boutiques to offer different style of shopping.

The Yosemite National Park is a great place for hiking and camping. You can also consider engaging in water sports and skiing in Lake Tahoe. The Napa Valley wine country is also a good place to escape for relaxing. You may also sunbathe on the Santa Cruz beaches. If you are into technology, the Tech Museum is a great place to visit as it offers great innovation and exhibition of science and technology.

Interesting Facts about San Jose

San Jose is a great place and has a number of tech giants basing their headquarters in place, like Google, Apple, eBay, Cisco Systems and Adobe Systems among others. The San Jose State University ranks as one of the best educational institutions in the State. Over and above, there is so much to do in San Jose and you will not regret being in this city.