Why Los Gatos High School Stands Out

Why Los Gatos High School Stands Out

Why Los Gatos High School Stands Out

Los Gatos High School is commonly referred to as LGHS and is one of the best schools in the region. It is in the small town of Los Gatos and was started in 1908, as part of the Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint High School District. A good number of the Silicon Valley Executives take their children to this school. This may not be a preparatory of feeder school, but there are so many students who proceed to Tier One colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning. In a study that was conducted in 2013, Los Gatos High School was ranked number 86, in the entire state of California.

LGHS Details and Facts

There are approximately 2,100 students in Los Gatos High School, with about 100 teachers, employed by the school. 2004 is one of the significant years for Los Gatos as it saw 94% of the students moving on to join colleges and universities. This an accredited institution, by the WASC and has received 6-year accreditations consistently. In the National School for Excellence, LGHs has been recognized two times. The school is known for other extracurricular activities like athletics and other sports programs. This is a public school that has a great academic distinction.

Interesting things about Los Gatos High School

The front exterior part of the Los Gatos High School was featured on Saved by the Bell. The school has been featured in The Amanda Show. The front façade is what was captured in the show, which has Amanda Bynes as the starring. In addition, this school was also used in the soap opera spoof segment for the show, which was known as Moody’s Point. A number of scenes of the Made-for-TV movie Lying Eyes movie were filmed at the school. The 1986 television series known as Staman, had an episode filmed at the stadium and track.

One of the interesting principals that the school has had must be Ted Simonson. In 19992, he attracted negative media attention and great controversy. This was the time when he made a couple of jokes, in regards to the Lions Club. He referred to female joggers as jigglers and called the larger African American population, and the city of Oakland as Jungleland. As if that was not enough, he also termed the city of San Francisco as Fairyland, due to being accommodating to the gay society.

Los Gatos High School is one of the landmarks in this town that is considered to be a small income town, in Silicon Valley.

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